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My dream was to plant and have all the back yard Chonese into sunflowers, something about a flower blossoming into such a vibrant and beautiful thing made me so happy.

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Gojora 21.04.2018
Yeah her comments in the article were more enlightening. And to her sentiment, I can definitely empathize. It's just unfortunate he took the brunt of it. I think the two just need to have a conversation.
Tajas 01.05.2018
you have got to put the fart jumps on youtube..
Voodoojind 09.05.2018
"when I take my humanity out of it" (said the human... )
Arashimi 19.05.2018
Isn't it obvious that this is not about literal chariots of iron or literal ancient warfare (which history does not record actually happening)? Its more reasonably seen as metaphors for this religious group trying to spread their spiritual message throughout the ancient world.
Molkis 21.05.2018
It's not wrong. What's the error range on a 4000 year old sample? You clearly don't have a clue what radiometric dating is, or how it works.
Kanris 23.05.2018
Even the ACLU of Rhode Island as well as 24 states disagree with your position regarding therapy bans. Read why here:
Dimuro 23.05.2018
It's a thought that i wanted to share and get feedback on, if that is wrong, so be it. I don't think this is my launching point into mainstream physics, this is just a discussion.
Nagul 27.05.2018
even if you agree with him, why would you want a president who can pardon himself?
Vudogar 30.05.2018
i thought Obama',s shovel ready jobs fixed our infrastructure. Where did that go?
Sharisar 03.06.2018
That is entirely not true. and we are not talking about the world as it is today. we are talking about mars in the future, occupied by scientists.
Dilmaran 12.06.2018
There wasn't a creation of a first man or woman.
Dolkree 18.06.2018
The unknown is neither positive or negative it is the absense of information. You cannot apply logic to the absense of information because there is nothing to apply it to.
Akill 21.06.2018
I think it's right to question Doug's wherewithal to follow through but also the other party leaders (because the buck stops with them) and look at the team they have formed because the team will play a big role.
Namuro 23.06.2018
The Clement I epistle from the 90s possibly quotes from a section of Luke 6. I think it's more likely than not - quite a bit of word-for-word agreement that I think isn't easily explained as just chance.
Kigataxe 01.07.2018
Logically there is no evidence for god nor evidence against.I have faith, but lets see, maybe I am wrong. Or maybe not. Life can be hard and faith has helped many and maybe more than helped. Who knows logically or intellectually anyway.
Tanris 11.07.2018
like this gem. you have to sign a release of liability waiver just to SEE the house.
Brajin 20.07.2018
Subtle, in what way? Both want to be called "loving" but intend to have most people tortured forever.
Sashakar 22.07.2018
Thanks. But again, I'm not sinning for being who God made me. :-)
Narg 25.07.2018
T9R is a moderator and you should consider his/her opinion.
Midal 30.07.2018
Any number of Jewish atheists will tell you. You don?t need to be especially wise to realise what nonsense it is.
Nizuru 06.08.2018
Run-on sentence, Smiley. Try a semicolon.
Nern 12.08.2018
"population growth will add to the tax revenue to bottom line"
Mugal 17.08.2018
like most atheists, you forget the obvious
Mezisar 26.08.2018
I imagine makeovers for them in my head.
Shakat 28.08.2018
I'll never forget
Taugami 31.08.2018
Are you actually saying the Jews were inferior and deserved to die?

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