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Look whos back for more PREVIEW

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Tojataxe 01.03.2018
Meh you dont have to stalk me??
Voodookasa 06.03.2018
I hate to break it to ya sweetie, but there are plenty of computer geeks on the right. And when it comes to vehicles, the left couldn't operate without technology, whereas the right DOES have those skills. Thanks to years of progressive pushing against conservatives, many cons have bottled their ideology and you have no clue how many are really out there in all industries. It's gonna be fun. :)
Samule 07.03.2018
The pathetic thing, is you think Trump is the reason the ACA is crap.
Goktilar 13.03.2018
The case against the Christians. Doing all the reading I did, there were a few things that popped up.
Mezizshura 22.03.2018
Problem. In at least of couple of the scenarios you mention, facts don't bare this out, at least as having any relationship to the internet. The internet entered common public usage in the 90's and has grown consistently since then and your claims do not add up if you have a look at the numbers.
Vudolabar 23.03.2018
They didn't though. The evidence doesn't show anything close to that nonsense.
Dizahn 28.03.2018
That's nonsense. Societies are religious and that stuff goes on all the time.
Zolok 01.04.2018
No right to complain? Says who?
Moogulkree 04.04.2018
I told faith. That's consistent with the text, my faith. And it was hardly ad hom, relax.
Dohn 12.04.2018
may peace be upon you
JoJomuro 18.04.2018
Yeah, but should we refuse to help the people that live in Florida who didn't prepare like you did?
Dorisar 25.04.2018
They also swept the #1 seed but I guess that means nothing. Conjecture never makes for a strong argument.
Nejinn 28.04.2018
Not even close, and trust me no one is trying to "impose" other views on you. Imposing would require a little help, like say the law....
Shakashicage 03.05.2018
This should have been done on day one. These are no longer news organizations but propaganda outlets.
Guk 04.05.2018
Not negligent homicide either, since care was taken to save lives. It's what we call an unfortunate circumstance.
Tojakus 12.05.2018
Why would you be blocked?
Akinotilar 13.05.2018
I knew I was being super petty about it. We already spend a lot of time together. I'm not jealous when it comes to women. It's his guy friends. Men in the military are just very close and I'm just a horrible petty jealous person when it comes to that because its nothing I can share in. I suck.
Kagaran 20.05.2018
I've learned that a super high number of posts means a bunch of people got into a protracted pissing match. Not sure that's a badge of success, but it's been entertaining to tune in (and tune out of). There have, of course, also been thoughtful comments. Thanks for the inspiration!
Zulujin 30.05.2018
It is very difficult for one nation to speak about another nations virtues. So human.
Vitilar 04.06.2018
For real Marge.
Moogugul 10.06.2018
I bow down to your knowledge...
Kigalkis 21.06.2018
Sure! Happy to! I will do it first thing my tomorrow morning!
Taurn 30.06.2018
The one argument I see repeated by anti-theist quite often is the idea that religion, Christianity in particular, has "held back science for 1000 years" and that religion and science are somehow at odds with each other.
Zulkikree 06.07.2018
I 'think' that every thing but the third from the last line is ok...
Gabar 09.07.2018
Not the point.
Shamuro 11.07.2018
And on it's way to being nothing but dead tissue. That's always the 'final outcome' of any of this.

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