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Actually, he appointed elected MPs........,
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I hate being barefoot. Not even in the house. Must have at least socks on. Also don't like lights on anywhere near me when I go to bed.
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It seems that speciation had a tendency to happen in bursts, in response to some change in environmental conditions. This totally makes sense in evolutionary theory since evolution is all about adaptation. And when do you need to adapt? When things change.
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I like it but really like "paradise by the dashboard light"
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And do you see all the cops standing there paying no attention to it? At least it's safer than the red neck pool party.
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But But But my truck is HUGE!
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It depends on how mature your friend is.
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But for those who must know, it's around 6 to7pm-ish. Central time.
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See? You're still doing it, only via slightly more passive condescending sarcasm this time.
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"Illness usually implies you can get better."
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Now 1975 Tempest could debauch...... not so much 2018 Tempest. Don?t you judge me!
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Yep. But having a Living God to back it up will be the best possibility.
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Problem is if the awe inspiring Jehovah comes into your room and speaks and you feel the power and the love and the presence of this supreme person,very difficult to doubt after that for me.
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Lol, you have fail all over yourself. What a mess.
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You just described gay people as Uncle Toms and Oreo cookies.
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My throwback is to before last week. You know, when the CRA and FHA weren't in any danger of getting repealed because of a cake?
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No I draw the line at conning
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the fact that he exists at all is first
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Some are stubborn. It doesn't take going to war for most of us.
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I accept there is no free will
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...sorry let me rephrase.
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Ya, you christians like your silly little cliches. Too bad they are meaningless.
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People have already allowed Muslims to be elected to office, and the result was disastrous.
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I can't really agree there. I have to say that Dubya was worse than Obama and Kennedy, based upon his war for oil.
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Again, the point of my post went sailing right over your head. Sounds about right.
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You aren't God.
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And if Jesus was anything like what Christian say he was, he wouldn't have accepted a single one. Food and lodging? Sure. A man must survive. But to take millions from your followers shows a cult leader, not a spiritual leader.
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At least I have not won our family Dickiedu award... I can still see it because my belly does not stick out farther than my....
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and you are being purposely obtuse.

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