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Awesome. The largest party in the United States is the Democrats. They aren't in charge either.

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Lesbo hot naked girls
Lesbo hot naked girls
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Kazrashura 15.04.2018
Its no wonder that President Trump thinks we are a threat to their national security....Our friends are not their friends.
Taunris 17.04.2018
So you've been to the meetings then? ;)
Zululmaran 20.04.2018
God does show favoritism. The Hebrews are his chosen people, remember?
Faet 27.04.2018
A little further, Ezekiel 18:4, "Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die."
Tojar 01.05.2018
So we're not allowed to swear?
Daishura 06.05.2018
This is so stupid. What was even offensive here? I mean good grief, stop with the pearl clutching already.
Tam 08.05.2018
???? true tho! Haha
Kalrajas 09.05.2018
When there's mutual attraction, sure.
Kigarg 19.05.2018
That is the point you discover what their mission is, order or chaos.
Golar 25.05.2018
The first is equal to saying "I don't believe you ( theist claim that God exist). The second is equal to say "No you are wrong." The second is a positive claim and has a burden of proof. The first does not.
Tygonos 28.05.2018
Always nice to hear of those that worked hard and did justifiably receive their deserved rewards. Childhood was also poor, but still literally a joy growing up with freedoms in a world then not so turned upside down by the destroyers amongst us. I'm not nearly as advanced or adventurous as you. Although, born in Dallas, I've lived most my life in "Fly Over" Oklahoma, still tons of fond memories.
Telabar 02.06.2018
That doesn't really address slavery. And Jesus also said for slaves to obey their masters.
Tygorn 04.06.2018
Oh, oh, me, me! Is it, hypocrisy? :)
Voodoosar 08.06.2018
If morality is a (human) construct (and I think it is), then it can't be absolute (exist without a mind to hold that construct). IOW, morality is not
JoJomi 18.06.2018
Wow Debra, I didn't realize all Christians were doing all of that, all of the time. I appreciate the warning to keep my loved-ones away from 'these people.'
Faulkis 19.06.2018
MDMA is a good supplier.
Kigar 26.06.2018
I find that less of a worry than the spectre of state media; people don't tend to put the effort in to pick through that... knowledge comes with a price, there's no two ways about it.
Zoloshakar 03.07.2018
There are no white things. Only things that white people took from others.
Zulugami 04.07.2018
Even if he did/does something remotely close to what they want, it's still his fault and is to blame.
Dilkis 13.07.2018
A good example of what I'm saying.
Zulull 16.07.2018
Nah he'd help give them booze and rape girls!
Grorn 22.07.2018
Trumps trade policies will have the same result.
Akinogar 31.07.2018
Sorry I took so long to come back to you on this.
Daicage 06.08.2018
The insurance person can't pay for your illness and a BMW at the same time. Guess who is really 'covered'.
Nell 10.08.2018
Everyone knows that's wrong.
Malakus 17.08.2018
Ah, you may be onto something, Francisco. Imagine a big party, big accomplishment, big question, teensy stone. One of those diamond chips. That would be deflating.
Voodoor 22.08.2018
I keep forgetting when...
Zolorisar 30.08.2018
Nice preaching. Did you have anything intelligent or relevant to include?
Salmaran 08.09.2018
What examples do you have?
Kazratilar 18.09.2018
Stay uninformed. Do you lack the ability to scan information?
Goltik 26.09.2018
Most of the people arrested by ICE this year have no criminal record, let alone a violent one. *Even if* POTUS was referring to violent criminals, he's lying.
Gular 05.10.2018
I'd prefer not to have someone who hates me make a food product for me. Just sayin'
Samurr 13.10.2018
well, kind of...
Mikasida 20.10.2018
Don'y you think that anyone who reads all of your comments here will come to the conclusion that you are not really concerned with a belief on a god so much as trying to convince people that evolution is a lie? Do you really even care if a god exists?
Nazshura 24.10.2018
Evolution doesn?t require a god.

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