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Up that black ass 7

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Wasnt it Mueller who put the last Teflon Don in jail for life? Lol

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Up that black ass 7
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Meztizshura 28.02.2018
Nope. Only in your very biased mind am I spreading hatred. When did I attack you. I am defending my faith and my words (while I still can).
Malalmaran 06.03.2018
I'm pretty sure Maxi called for harassment ...not protest.
Vom 11.03.2018
I have no trouble following along. But I agree that your arguments are weak. Hypocritical too, I might add.
Kegore 11.03.2018
Its wrong and you do not need a religion to see that.
Juzil 19.03.2018
What definition of 'morally wrong' are you using? Are you saying there is some inherent 'oughtness' quality to morality, or do you define immoral as 'anything that harms a person' without claiming one 'ought to' follow this moral rule.
Mauktilar 26.03.2018
Jesus was clear on building his Church on Peter, the first pope of the Catholic Church. And their fundamental teachings do not change with the culture. Never have, never will. You confuse opinion with official teaching on topics.
Nigami 30.03.2018
And you support him targeting individual companies who choose how to run their own companies?
Moogusho 31.03.2018
And there's nothing saying that I wasn't.
Kelabar 06.04.2018
It?s not real Sling Blade, call it whatever you want you dumb hillbilly fuck. ;)
Arasho 13.04.2018
So murder is immoral not just for you, but for anyone whose actions fit your definition of murder, right?
Dairr 23.04.2018
How are abortions costing $500 million??? That's not true. And that's not the only untruth in your post.
Mikanris 01.05.2018
I don't see any pus.......OHHHHHHHHHHH....nevermind.
Mosar 09.05.2018
Generally we don?t use a comma before a conjunction lol
Meztigami 19.05.2018
Right they just had the idea of Sheol (I think that?s how it?s spelled if I remember correctly).
Tojagar 20.05.2018
Oh I can't wait!
Toll 28.05.2018
"something cannot come from nothing."
Nashura 04.06.2018
I think it's kind of like a state of mind, equivalent to simpleton Middle Murica.
Shaktimuro 06.06.2018
Why are you crying
Meztitaur 17.06.2018
?? What do you mean by falsifiable? Are you sure that is the right word because ive never heard it used in this context so perhaps you could clarify what it is you are actually saying?
Grogami 24.06.2018
So which other planets in the universe have life on them? How many solar systems have we observed with no life present?
Brakus 03.07.2018
Not at all closed...exceptionally open.
Arasida 04.07.2018
If she is, she better whack the heck out of him financially and go... and make a new life. ;o)
Gardazragore 10.07.2018
Now all you need to do is back up your worthless Prager video with citations to actual peer-reviewed scientific research published in scientific refereed journals that falsifies AGW. You've been asked to do this several times. You refuse each time.
Makasa 20.07.2018
And remained heavily Christian until the Crusades and the Turkish and Mongolian folkwanderings acted like the Germantic folkwanderings destroyed the western empire. The Islamic religion preserved that of the culture of the previous civilization and is jupassing it on and allowing it to be reborn as a much different version of itself in the guise of being the same. The Barbarian version of Christianity was much different from the Roman form. And there are wars during the destruction and reassembly of a civilization and empire.
Zusar 29.07.2018
I feel like I've missed something.
Makree 02.08.2018
It merely explains just why, precisely, some people still believe in astrology and similar nonsense.
Aracage 08.08.2018
So...the three days before and after her period is when its safe to give her Slypies?
Grora 18.08.2018
The cows weren't obeying God?
Dile 19.08.2018
El was the chief deity of Jews, a Canaanite, Chaldean and Assyrian pagan god of the sun who has a consort Asherah and 70 sons! Yahweh was an Arab deity of the volcanoes, the mountain and the army. It is stated in the OT, who was identified with Yahweh and the latter took his consort. Her name is also stated in the Bible and she was the Mother of all gods and "The Queen of Heavens" according to the Bible. I think you do not know what you believe in!
Tahn 28.08.2018
lol... Until, that is, the "above average" children dictate the learning of the group, or your team ain't allowed to play, and your wife is not allowed to be more physically attractive...
Mikagore 29.08.2018
Just the last paragraph: Why not? How is hedonism not a worthy philosophical approach given the atheist inferences about the universe.

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