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Me deja cachar con otro

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I take the rather more radical view that even the "sacred texts" are human constructs and so must seen as dogma.

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Me deja cachar con otro
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Kigat 19.02.2018
Not like you think.
Tojalabar 20.02.2018
Once properly vetted they are free to come here.
Sat 24.02.2018
Precisely right about a gun you cannot get to in time. If you have guns in the home, I also agree teaching the whole family about gun safety becomes compulsory. Although, I sometimes worry because the younger kids don't always listen and obey very well.
Yozshule 02.03.2018
Find new friends and probably move on from the unfaithful boyfriend.
Ditaur 12.03.2018
I'll def make it rain on her ass
Kigagrel 22.03.2018
A time out?
Nile 30.03.2018
You appear to be ignorant of Islam as well.
Dot 03.04.2018
All those poor people who are being discriminated against are going to have to walk an extra block down the street to find a baker who will take their money!
Zulkijind 12.04.2018
Their 2018 message is the same as their 2016 message:
Mazutaxe 15.04.2018
I highly doubt he's saying those things didn't happen at all.
Tanos 19.04.2018
I had an Aunt who believed that.
Yolrajas 21.04.2018
And can you appeal?
Dishakar 01.05.2018
I can't speak for Catholics.
Shashicage 08.05.2018
I just can?t imagine suburbia singing ?get your money, black man.?

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