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Sexual harassment prevention training

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Is what's preventing the current President from stopping it?

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Sexual harassment prevention training
Sexual harassment prevention training
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Vudolabar 11.03.2018
There is NO DIFFERENCE in our actions whether we believe in free will or not. Do you not get that? It FEELS like we have free will whether we believe in it or not.
Akikus 18.03.2018
they have been friends since they were little girls so she is very important to her.
Faulmaran 26.03.2018
In some ways, Christians have become "the new Jews", i.e., a section of people one can bash with near-impunity. In some ways, they do indeed ask for it, but in most cases, they do not. I myself was a Christian for the first 28 years of my life. I was raised and educated by Christians, nourished and sheltered and *believed in* by Christians. Christians are not some kind of new, foreign, toxic invasive species. Until very recently, they were the bedrock of the West and particularly of the U.S. The following links to an article about good Christian folk - and, interestingly enough - it was written by a Buddhist priest:
Muzilkree 04.04.2018
Very unique collection of photos ... just had a look at some of her work.
Doujas 12.04.2018
No...all rituals are completely obsolete as Christ..the real deal came and should have bee that final real sacrifice. Everything up to then, concerning ritual was rehearsal.
Kigabar 17.04.2018
I hear that a lot, that atheists insist on scientific evidence. I've never once requested that. I always ask for proof but I leave the proof up to them. Each proof is based on it's own merit
Nezshura 19.04.2018
You have to start from one end or the other. Your claim is that those writers corroborate the several Biblical accounts of Jesus' life. How do they corroborate if they were written decades or centuries later?
Shazil 29.04.2018
LOOK at what these Evangelicals are saying why they stand behind Trump so much. Because they feel he is going to bring in the End of Times and bring back their Jesus. They do not care, they want to destroy us all in a flash of nuclear fire so they can prove their damn Bronze Age fairy tale is the right one. Holy crap, when I hear them say this and read them saying this? It brings chills down my spine. These people are nucking futs that they want to see even their own children and even grand children die for their stupid freaking Bronze Age religious beliefs.
Zoloshicage 07.05.2018
The CBC is no longer relevant in today's Canada. They've long gone the way of the Do Do bird over a decade ago when dictating public opinion.
Tem 13.05.2018
"Your demanding to know His reasoning is arrogant in the extreme. You have placed yourself on a level with Him." This is fu$&ing garbage.
Mazuk 17.05.2018
So God did not give His son as a sacrifice.?.?.?
Gutaur 20.05.2018
Persecuting by uttering words? Lol. Really...
Zolokora 21.05.2018
This is getting very old.
Taubar 22.05.2018
I have never heard that Nazareth didn't exist in the first century. I trust the consensus among experts that it did. It doesn't threaten my atheism a whole lot.
Goltizragore 31.05.2018
Colloidal Silver is very beneficial, ignorant one.
Nilkis 06.06.2018
I?d try to find a use for them in research.
Feramar 07.06.2018
The greatest thing brought about by the Protestant Reformation was that it allowed God to be democratised, thus allowing each Christian to make and worship their God in their own image.
Meztilabar 10.06.2018
"Slavery was voluntary in the O.T. was fixed term (max 7 years) and PAID"
Kejind 18.06.2018
I have lived in Louisiana my whole life, and I've never eaten a crepe. I've had beignets, though. Gooood stuff!
Mebar 19.06.2018
Jebus. There better have been collusion at this point. Honestly, he needs to be getting something for how much he bends American policy to Russian interests.
Mukus 24.06.2018
Is there a need to believe anything needs one?
Dubar 26.06.2018
You're also describing our current prez, except for the time a decade ago. :P
Kigarr 27.06.2018
You realize government mandated discrimination right?

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