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i saw what you did to him

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i saw what you did to him

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My parents on the other hand had met my first girlfriend, who was an outright bitch and hence they had their own reasons to be concerned. His focus was, as usual, at the outer edges of emotion.

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You, as we have established plenty of times, have certainly stepped outside the bounds of rationality.

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South indian sex world
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Nesho 07.07.2018
How about answering the simple yes/no question you got in stead of answering for someone else?
Gogrel 18.07.2018
So you seem to have at least some basic understanding of morality. But could you defend it? What would be your argument against a fanatic who proclaims his enemies as children of the Nephilim? What about a dictator who oppresses his people to "keep the peace" and "protect the integrity of the country"?
Minos 21.07.2018
God is supposedly perfect. Yet he doesn't show much love.
Merr 25.07.2018
It was called Canada back then
Tygozragore 28.07.2018
I think humor and satire is an excellent way to advance dialogue, and make us look at things in a different perspective.
Zule 07.08.2018
Because if you are handing out literature you must give equal opportunity for any other group to do so. What do think will happen when the Satanic Temple has one of their member's kid passing out their leaflets?
Tygosida 10.08.2018
Ok, I see that your delusional arrogance is impenetrable
Tygokus 13.08.2018
Cars are made, thry do not breed, nor are they prganic and srlf replicating and capable of evolution. So your comparison is heavily flawed
Kigagis 22.08.2018
Stop insulting me.
Tolmaran 02.09.2018
Donald would scream if he saw a wild animal not in a zoo. They are the first family to not have pets in the WH since Truman. DT doesn't like dogs.
Gardataur 05.09.2018
There are no Abrahamics who follow their holy books to the letter, which I pointed out in the post he has been responding to. You , and he, argue against a non-existent strawman.
Gora 13.09.2018
So, you suggest that burning women and children in Auschwitz is not worse than constructing rockets. Thanks for confirming my opinion about Canadian moral standards.
Tausho 21.09.2018
You?re a conspiracy theorist! All lies! ??
Brazahn 29.09.2018
The difference is this:
Dukus 06.10.2018
"Go lie by your dish"
Dijas 08.10.2018
Interestingly it seems that Samantha Can't Understand Normal Thinking.
Gojora 16.10.2018
Nope. :) Sorry your mind holds it that way. Really. It's quite a sad thought that the only reason to be good to others is to get your Eternal Christmas gift and otherwise, screw it. What a very sad way to live.
Mazugor 26.10.2018
"What ignorant philosophies do you refer to?"
Zuluzshura 28.10.2018
I see. And how did forced assimilation help Christians get through the 1400s?
Mara 30.10.2018
What a hoser.
Bagis 01.11.2018
OP is constantly trying to wedge in creationism as a legitimate contender to evolution. While that can be interpreted as not explicitly being against Evolution, his commenting history certainly does not reveal he is a supporter of it.
Goltishicage 11.11.2018
Yes! Plan ahead guys!

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