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After School Fucking

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Seems like it changes to reflect what men want it to be.

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Free teen sluts skirts
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They are the same GENUS but different SPECIES.
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Procreation is a manner of creation. Your god wasn't necessary.
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I didn't realise that women wore shorts under dresses.
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I want to carry out a joke about a mechanical engineer and an Electrical engineer working together...
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And you are still saying that the murder of hundreds and hundreds of innocent children is something that GOD "wants"...??
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Unbelievable. Sad. MY favorite show's host is dead. His contribution to this world is irreplacable. I wish he thought about that.
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You're talking with one. With that resolved, let's go back to my question. If Jesus taught through parable, and fiction to illustrate the nature of God, why can't that be reasonably applied elsewhere in the text?
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No you will give account to Him.

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