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Nope. Perfectly accurate. I spent my life informing others about everybody from Solon to Alexandr to DaVinci to Alan Turing. take the low road. Who do you hold up as an icon ? Fat Rev. Barber ? Harvey Milk? Faux Jervis ?

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Naked russian women video
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Maybe lose the snarky then sis? lol
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Not even close to each other.
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One is killed for converting away from the majority Islam. Atheists, the wrong kind of Muslims, and others are also killed in those parts of the world.
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Which claim did I make that was false?
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LOL! I guess she wanted him to last less...
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Oh... I handwrote the picture for my OP, took a picture of it and uploaded it. I thought you stole my idea ;)
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Perhaps not but it is a good question anyway.
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Hear hear! No shoes, no shirt, no service never went to court.
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Sun, you and I agree! Pop the champagne!
Grozil 08.09.2018
So we should just let these unverified, undocumented persons into our country? Why?

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