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Diary of an amateur triathlete

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TEENFIDELITY - Bailey Brooke Creampied By Friends Dad

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Let me explain something to you. You can't quote mine scientists in a discussion about science. Science is a method, not a body of data. What some scientist says today can easily be disproved tomorrow. No scientific finding is the final word. Ever. When you Christians get in your arguments about who is a real Christian and who isn't, who knows the Bible and who doesn't who God favors and who he doesn't or whatever, you hurl Bible passages at each other to try to prove your point. It's called proof texting and it's absurd because no Christian has a clue about the Bible, Jesus, God or anything else, especially science as you have repeatedly and quite humorously demonstrated. That doesn't work in a discussion of facts, of data, of method, of evidence and so on. Unlike religion, no avenue of human endeavor is more open to scrutiny than science. Anybody can study Nature. So take all of your creationist nonsense and write it down complete with all the experiments and demonstrations you have done and submit your paper for scientific review and let me know how that goes for you. When you win a Nobel Prize for science and become rich and famous then and ONLY then will you have won anything. Until then you're just another liar for Jesus.

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Tojalkree 06.03.2018
Our infrastructure could be another Private/Government joint venture implementing certain CCC concepts. Money wasted on welfare, foreign aid, various useless green projects and yes, subsidies to oil, gas and coal could all be channeled into a program where we could train and mobilize the 60 million unemployed into viable working American Citizens.
Kajizragore 09.03.2018
All that science stuff. Meh. You know better. So did the other dinosaurs.
Mikajinn 15.03.2018
No, it's not the same plus it's more like walking thousands if not millions of miles. And you have to cross mountains and seas and maybe even walk on air. It's just not possible. There is a lot of DNA that's needed to accomplish simple feats like adding a limb or wing or whatever. Making a finshe's beak longer is really child's play compared to adding a totally new organ or limb. Hasn't even been observed and no evidence for it. Hey, at one point I believed this nonsense and I'm open to believe it again, but this time I need evidence. I don't think unlimited time is gonna accomplish these incredible feats of of creation. I just don't have that much faith.
Tojakasa 19.03.2018
You sound really gay
Bakree 26.03.2018
True, but many of these job positions remain open, or have high turnover because they are not desirable employment. Whether it's low wages, poor benefits, or minimal hours of work.
Narr 02.04.2018
"Homosexuality is a behavior. Like all behaviors, it is a choice"
Kazrataxe 03.04.2018
I have no reason to lie...but you sure do.
Mecage 06.04.2018
Is there a fine tuning knob that we all missed?
Voll 12.04.2018
He is a fool. We are not subject to Levitical Law.
Sashicage 20.04.2018
No need to edit it, I was joking, it's not a big deal.
Kakora 29.04.2018
Very good points. I didn't mean to imply only cell phones or social media is the brunt of the problem. I know that you in particular instill good values in your son, despite whatever mental health issues he may be handling. And from your remark below where you stated you don't imply something is wrong with he or the girl who has denied him a date, you also seem to ensure he understands that he isn't owed something just because he wants it. I meant to note that i see entitlement as one of the core issues.
Mauzragore 02.05.2018
So the evidence is only available after autopsy? If not, you again seem to be confused about what would and would not represent actual evidence.
Jutaxe 07.05.2018
But it equally makes to claims to know whether a religion is bad. So the default if good. Which is the reason they qualify for tax exemption. They are doing something of moral or social benefit.
Faugami 12.05.2018
I think hedonism is more descriptive, less prescriptive. if you subscribe to the popular school of thought that morality is contingent on a broad sense of wellbeing, then hedonism is a natural byproduct on the spectrum of wellbeing. of course this model presupposes the truth of evolution, and the forthcoming "tribal psychology"that has lead us to where we are now, for better or worse. that realization, i think, is the source of that innate feeling to provide the greatest chances of wellbeing for future generations. that's my 10,000 foot overview anyway.
Nejinn 23.05.2018
Again, nothing to do with Bronze Age mythology.
Kazraktilar 27.05.2018
Okay, that does it. I am now demanding," Dutch/German American month", If they get a month, I want a month! Didn't I just sound ridiculous! This is just reverse discrimination and divisive isolationism. Hey liberal regressive socialists, FO!!!!!
Brazahn 01.06.2018
I didn't say there was, the OP asked a question FROM the Bible and I provided an answer FROM the Bible. Not an "opinion" question. If you don't like what it says, don't raead it

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