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Warming stopped 20 years ago, odd. How can that explain that Greenland is now more green then it was 20 years ago? Or how about the North Ice cap doesn't last as long as it did 20 years ago?

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Vizil 28.04.2018
Don't take your child to afterschool activities you don't approve of. The end. The same school and library venues can be rented- equally by clergy or dragqueens. Don't like what Dragqueens do? Don't go on Dragqueen day.
Zulkijas 30.04.2018
I can understand that from a scientific perspective. But, how do creationists justify a God creating life simply to go extinct? If humans are no stranger to this, how could they justify that the world/universe was all made for us if we will only be around for about 3% of the Earth?s life and 0.75% of the universe ?s life?
Daijind 06.05.2018
How in the f*ck do you know how someone feels about any other person, thing or idea?
JoJojin 14.05.2018
No, did it win? I thought it was just a contender, Red Swan and Darkest Hour were better.
Gosho 18.05.2018
Weaponized media is a Jacobin left specialty.
Kazimuro 27.05.2018
I think you may be partially right. I took offense too easily at the part where he started stating that God was powerless and absent. I apologize.
Dailar 01.06.2018
Man up you fucking pussy and tell us your inner most fears:
Vinos 09.06.2018
You got documents to prove you have rights from God. Otherwise you are an undocumented citizen of the USA. Like the rest of us.
Shataxe 13.06.2018
Scalia is dead so is not CURRENTLY serving, and I am not sure if you know this or not, but the SCOTUS rule based on the Constitution. Their religious beliefs are not a factor. That is if they are at ALL ethical.
Tekinos 19.06.2018
Nonsense. Just more nonsense from a liberal.
Fenrilmaran 19.06.2018
Right in that Puerto Rican can of hers.
Akilkree 22.06.2018
I don't think that any one of the "scum of the Earth" would be with the first 600 settlers of Mars. I expect them to be adventurous but rational people, dedicated to the goal of colonising and prepared to sacrifice personal freedoms. And I think this will also hold true in the 6th and 7th generation if circumstances require it.
Fenriran 27.06.2018
They aren't sins. Only Christians can sin.
Majind 04.07.2018
God is love. How can love create hell?
Grokree 10.07.2018
Sponsors/Godparents are involved in baptism no matter your age.
Dulrajas 11.07.2018
I would think libel and slander cases would abound.
Akile 12.07.2018
You assume that I don't. Why?
Arashisida 16.07.2018
When was this like 3 weeks later ? Are your that in the dark about it
Samushura 21.07.2018
Live the good life sir. Me move? Ya never know.
Kazigis 27.07.2018
Because they're gay. He refused gay customers.
Nikolkree 05.08.2018
No, not really.
Fenrirr 11.08.2018
They are isolated in their numbers, but they are growing. The baker, the fast food chicken chain, the hobby store, are just recent examples of Americans who fought back using not bullets, but the Law, to make their stand against not only leftist, but increasingly, the late-liberal ideologies. Their violence however, particularly when organized,will increasingly be be met in kind when it arises.
Tegor 16.08.2018
Maybe after you're done smearing autistic people you can explain how it is that your personal, private definitions of "deism" and "omnipotence" and "empirical knowledge" should be the operating definitions in our "conversation". Because if you don't, you're simply arguing that your emotional attachment to the way you use words is extraordinarily important to you. Which is interesting, from a psychological perspective about why humans hold irrational beliefs, but it doesn't tell me much else about whether there is evidence for God. And as has been said before, the fallacy of equivocation is one children literally use in kindergarten, and has no place in serious conversations.
Tele 18.08.2018
I mean At least the doctors I have don?t care how you look there only telling you for health reasons

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