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Pictures of transgender genitalia

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They laugh alike, they walk alike

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Pictures of transgender genitalia
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How is this even relevant?
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So you're saying they just pretend they are that binary and sophomoric?
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Good luck with that
Arakree 15.03.2018
Don't bother, Hud will never admit he's wrong about anything
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I like it!
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Why are you asking just about America? You asked at what point the earth becomes overpopulated and I said it already is. Hey, when we're (humans) are over-fishing the ocean I'd say there's too many people.
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Yes, the fact that carbon dating might be off as much as twenty years absolutely means the story of the talking snake is now indisputable.
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Meanwhile, on the Western Front:
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The baby Liberal puke is fitting in. Today throwing vulgar and aggressive insults at the President, tomorrow grenades. Someone please tell us what a good person Kristin is.
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You bring up a very complex question at the end. Because many people believe the hyper simplistic notion that penis equals man and vagina equals woman, they would disagree with me.
Mooguhn 04.05.2018
Idk abt them real Catholics but here?s my experience when I was one of them.
Zolojar 14.05.2018
OK, if you're *solely* referring to forum behavior, then I can understand your point... a little.
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Nearly all religions are based on horrible, amoral, twisted, sadistic, .... "holy" books. Only good thing is majority of believers does not follow them at all or minimally.

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