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Lol nothing is going to stop Trump's agenda. All the craziness might delay it but it won't be stopped because it comes from much Higher than him.

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Zululkree 29.06.2018
Jesus did sacrifice himself. Jesus IS God IS The Holy Spirit. Separate and One.
Taujinn 06.07.2018
Southern Baptists were formed to defend slavery. Matthew 23 was written with your ilk in mind. Whitewashed tombs.
Yozshull 08.07.2018
That is spot on and absolutely exposes the hypocrisy of these people.
Dilmaran 18.07.2018
Too often people being shy or introverted are assumed to have mental illness when they don't, which in fact can push them into greater isolation that CAN actually lead to pathology.
Nelmaran 27.07.2018
That's a nookyuler gun
Shakazahn 02.08.2018
I even learn from the opposite argument. I mean, it's weird that I remember alternate theories to evolution from the time Darwin published... but asking "well, what's evolution alternate to if it's the only non-theistic answer?" is a good question that I happen to have the answer to: there are 'wrong' answers we're no longer pursuing.
Bragul 10.08.2018
Yeah yeah yeah, it's an oft told tale as old as time....
Mutilar 12.08.2018
I'd be more worried they'd keep me in a box, lol. I moved away from that area to a more quiet spot. Everyone is older and richer than me.
Kagajind 22.08.2018
And sometimes I do try to be a little humorous liking my comment before that but I am finding that that's not always obvious even when I add the LOL
Meztilmaran 31.08.2018
Considering the movement actually gained momentum 300 years after the crucifixion.... Its still interesting to note that 300 years is not that long away at best 3 to 4 generations... So probably something did happen.
Kazahn 07.09.2018
Yes Al needs to be independently verified as well.

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