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Are you taking the Bible literally or not? Because it is pretty straightforward about it:

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Sagrel 08.03.2018
I highly doubt you believed as many of the Atheist's here do. Just because you were a crappy person without religion is no reason to conclude that it has anything to do with being Atheist.
Zugore 17.03.2018
"What's your opinion on xyz?"
Voodoojin 17.03.2018
"I make no assumptions. I leave that to religionists."
Bagul 24.03.2018
Except for the fact that that isn't happening at all, and likely won't.
Zulura 02.04.2018
Everyone? LOL! How diverse was the population of Toronto in the 1960's?
Tugor 06.04.2018
For openers, I think she should have acted her age.
Faubei 16.04.2018
They're safe. They're too big to fail--no matter what. We're not.
Douramar 16.04.2018
You wouldn?t know genius.
Malak 23.04.2018
Ah, so you come up with a cockamamie idea of what heaven is like then call it communism. Thanks for wasting my time.
Nazil 29.04.2018
They corroborate Jewish and Biblical text that was in use when they were discovered. When the dead sea scrolls were compared to modern reproduction there was no loss in meaning. The book of Isaiah was one of the books discovered in the caves. Isaiah speaks heavily of the coming Messiah and written hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. It's hard to fix 1000-year-old scrolls to fit the intended prophecy. So this tells us two things, the accuracy of the Bible now is spot on with text written about 3000 years ago and that a messiah prophecy was written down long before the Messiah.
Voodoolmaran 07.05.2018
The true goal revealed! Luminare, you're a genius!
Maumi 13.05.2018
However, there wasn't official war, whatever that would mean, at the time of assassination of Kaab. Unless we assume that Islam is at war with Kafirs nonstop, which is actually true. Under Sharia, unless Kafirs submitted to dhimmi status or there is a peace treaty which cannot exceed 10 years, war with non-Muslim world is the default state.
Juhn 16.05.2018
Nope! Washingtons excessive government is being forced on people. State's rights now!
Dojas 26.05.2018
siding with Islamic nutters, f you Sweden
Zolotaur 28.05.2018
Again? You can't think for yourself? You have to rely on links and quotes all the time?
Daishura 01.06.2018
Unfortunately, I am cursed with a logical mind that draws conclusions based on evidence. I am not nearly as good as you at flim flam.
Kazrazragore 05.06.2018
Are we talking frozen waffles or the kind you make from scratch?
Nesar 14.06.2018
Clearly the atheists that claim knowledge do so in the same way as theists that 'know'. They confuse knowledge with belief
JoJoran 17.06.2018
If they got it wrong according to you it also meant then that God gave it wrongly to them. I do not know about such a case. If I read you correctly that is.
Dar 18.06.2018
Both of these are blogs, not news. The Huffington Post blog at least had references. They were, however, to other blogs making the same claims. The on citation it did make to an actual study was a broken link, so the study could not be accessed. I'm not saying that this proves she was a saint, but these articles are definitely not proof to the contrary.
Gardat 22.06.2018
Ok. But this Jesus is white. And what colour Jesus are you?
Kezragore 23.06.2018
There is definitely a nationalistic thread in the theology, since they believe America as a nation was inspired, and that the founding documents were inspired.
Megore 02.07.2018
Yes, I get that that's your opinion. That doesn't make it true. Get over it.
Tauzilkree 04.07.2018
God gave His son as payment. The confusion is that He DID NOT do it! He paid for his dinner and then robbed the restaurant on the way out!
Balrajas 07.07.2018
Just wait until the Trump recession comes. It is not too far out.
Bami 11.07.2018
Actually I think anyone should be able to express their love with a kiss wherever they want.
Faulrajas 16.07.2018
I wrote almost the same thing a few seconds later!
Mezibei 18.07.2018
He has had a few actually.
Taujinn 22.07.2018
Hahahahaha! You conservatives are betting the farm on the clown in office who doesn't do diplomacy very well and talks the "talk" but doesn't have a clue how to walk the walk, it takes a seasoned diplomat to understand. Then taking his little bozo friend, Dennis Rodman with him is hilarious!! You'll discover real soon the comedians will have a field day with these two clowns.
Douk 27.07.2018
Yep. If you don?t believe in God fine...does there need to be a debate about it?
Faetilar 31.07.2018
You have no clue about the Almighty God.
Nikosida 06.08.2018
Bless your heart , tell it to GOD when you see him
Mosho 15.08.2018
You are "quite please"? Is that as in, be quiet please, I hate Trump? Or is it as in, please forgive me, I am a lefty illiterate?
Tojagrel 18.08.2018
try and keep up with the news son.

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