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Yes indeed. We did in Australia. We don't have mass shootings now. Listen and learn, Trumpland.

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Sexy beach 3 ati
Sexy beach 3 ati
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Only if North LA, otherwise closer to me.
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Where did you see someone terrorise innocent children for political gain and genocide? Where did anyone claim their atheism is the reason
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Korver still cant hit anything
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You gave me an anecdote of your own beliefs. I give scholarly articles of real studies done on real people that you can verify.
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You need to post some good face shots to make Jack jealous.
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What conclusion did I start with?
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I think that's a reasonable standard.
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KC. 42 as:
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Do me! Do me! Do me!
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You are angry with YHVH, continue to deny YESHUA is the messiah! You are YHVH?s enemy.
Yoramar 24.09.2018
Much of it, I think often times you get people who are fairly new to an idea and looking to shout their opinions in zeal. I wouldn?t consider this exclusive to atheism, it?s just probably more noticeable when you?re in the opposing position. I could easily see an atheist making the same post about exuberant Christians.

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