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You are defending maxine waters? The oppressor?

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Malalkree 06.06.2018
Seems like a pretty obvious exaggeration. Clearly his fame exponentially increased after his death.
Bramuro 16.06.2018
Logic doesn't require evidence would have been discovered, no. It also doesn't require that we would recognize what we're looking at as evidence.
JoJok 21.06.2018
Pull my head out of the tube PLEASE? That's not a very sporting nor a remotely edifying ejaculation.
Bagal 28.06.2018
I need to hang out with the men you're hanging out with because none of the men I've known have suffered for anything that wasn't directly related to their own personal gain. Obviously we have some good men on this channel but when you've never experienced it personally, it's tough to imagine they're the rule instead of the exception.
Yor 01.07.2018
A good example of the majority argument being moot is Aceh, Indonesia. They didn't have Sharia 25 years ago. Now they have it (limited edition). The number of insurgents never exceeded 1% of population even at peak of insurgency. The overwhelmingly peaceful majority simply accepted the change, because they wouldn't oppose Koran and Muhammad's Sunna.
Samuzil 06.07.2018
One of many! My favorite being the polite check a mfer and get them together real quick lol.
Juzshura 10.07.2018
No. My mythical god is supernatural. He is a creator god so now that this was created he is off creating something new somewhere else. He is not concerned with us. I don't need to follow made up stories about the deity because he doesn't care. He doesn't teach me any prejudices. I call it the Deistic KISS religion.
Meztimuro 12.07.2018
"No sin can exist in the presence of God."
Dakree 22.07.2018
Not if I am selected for that jury. He is a free man as far as I am concerned
Mikanris 28.07.2018
I feel that. Are these dogs of friends/ family you allow to be around, or is this just in passing?
Kazragal 31.07.2018
Yeah, I think you're right.
Groll 02.08.2018
i've seen it. five at five is essentially "the view" with less estrogen. i'm gonna have to pass.
Shakagar 05.08.2018
I asked you to provide examples supporting your OP and you refused.
Mahn 11.08.2018
Your entire theme is "out of place". Nothing "intelligent" created the universe or Earth. Only the "building blocks" of life were fully formed. No "catastrophic event" ever wiped out life. Very little follows Genesis. etcetera
Meztiktilar 17.08.2018
The legible label industry has their fingers in
Doushura 22.08.2018
Can you PLEASE decide if **the "theory" [of evolution] is dead** (40mns ago)..... or if.. **the "one based on genetics"
Fehn 31.08.2018
Guns are made for the express purpose of killing and anyone can get them.
Samuzshura 08.09.2018
I like The Doors better. Thanks.
Mikataxe 15.09.2018
It is only religion, and its outlandish standards for how we ought to relate to one another, that has given us the false dichotomy of "selfish" vs. "unselfish." Our natural instincts to take care of both ourselves and others are hijacked when we internalize negative messages about ourselves or demonize others as "evil" and therefore unworthy of our care. It is much easier to accept our own limitations if we can accept that there is no God trying to compel us to transcend those limitations.
Nat 21.09.2018
"it would be charged with fraud." A good subject for discussion. Why haven't more people tried to sue religions or their country ?
Yor 22.09.2018
I have never heard that Nazareth didn't exist in the first century. I trust the consensus among experts that it did. It doesn't threaten my atheism a whole lot.
Arashishicage 01.10.2018
Wrong, Atheist believe "stuff" is there and therefore it made itself. See Stephen Hawkins
Akijar 03.10.2018
Cavs quit... LeBron deserve to hold this L by his embarrassing performance
Kir 11.10.2018
The point is supported by fact that it is true.
Kataur 13.10.2018

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