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Sidechick SUCKS and FUCKS while on phone with her MAN!

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No it does not. It shows the results and then states there were problems with the studies listed. Do you know what inconclusive means? It ain?t evidence.

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See r kellys sex tape
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Nele 28.06.2018
So now Trump is attacking American businesses for not worshipping the imperial ass.
Doukazahn 03.07.2018
oops, wrong article! Now, don't you feel liberated!
Samujar 10.07.2018
Time for the fiance to hire a pool boy.
Fenrishicage 18.07.2018
start leaving self breast examination phamplets on his desk.. just in case hes worried about that ,too.
Dusho 21.07.2018
Soon Whites will be a minority. Then they can have legislation that favors them. Until then, pound sand.
Akinojinn 23.07.2018
Surely not ..... The children killer will be punished as much as they deserve .. especially when they lie on Him that He told them to kill suckiling babies like the zionists do
Voodoogar 30.07.2018
Jay-Z and Beyonce were together for around that amount of time before getting married.
Milkree 07.08.2018
YHWH was a bit more of a wine guy, but his mansion has many rooms. One of which is sure to serve Sumerian beer.
Dougor 09.08.2018
Didn't you know that no other country has porn, broken families, or violent entertainment? /s
Mikakinos 16.08.2018
Congrats an atheist shot someone, there is nothing new there. Anyone can do it.
Zuluk 18.08.2018
In other words, like many Christians, you are trying to find some validation for your dreary religion? Why are you people so desperate to prove the Bible? We have science now. Stop the non sense. Do you believe in societal and social change and advances? The Bible has outlived its usefulness.
Tygojind 21.08.2018
Exactly. Sorry kids, if you want SNAP you better hope your parent(s) works at least 20 hrs a week for it.
Fenrilabar 28.08.2018
English. English please. Thanks
Fegrel 06.09.2018
I had a translucent purple pager... omg what a nerd!
Sharan 14.09.2018
That photo of four unknown random guys is humorous.
Zuluzil 16.09.2018
You must be like many conservatives who believe in the myth of liberal media.
Samukree 27.09.2018
But "only criminals commit crimes." ;)
Fem 02.10.2018
You haven?t explained it. You?ve simply asserted it.
Nirisar 10.10.2018
He does sound like that annoying guy at work who has to make a joke out of everything when we all just want to go home lol
Kijind 10.10.2018
That's what I have been saying for many years regarding the man made NT and the adulterated Torah that exists today.
Doll 18.10.2018
1 Corinthians 3:19
Gurg 25.10.2018
I checked my Block list, only a paltry 3 pages. I see a few mods included and that was to curb invites. EDIT: mods on other channels.
Meztizil 03.11.2018
In the Jewish prayer book, the siddur, there are references to an ? end of days? ; the Temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt, the dead who were righteous will be resurrected, and the Messiah will restore Israel to new-found glory. I?m sure you know the word ?messiah ? means ?anointed one,? and it refers to someone who is descended from King David who was anointed with oil as king.
Tygogis 05.11.2018
Good points, thanks for bringing this up.

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