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Hiv from doing oral sex


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I'm not sure what to say here. You're familiar with the concept of expressing relationships as fractions, including probability? You made an OP about the relative size (and age) of man and universe, did you not? "I wanted to take some time and do the math...", that's how you started. Are you just choking on "fraction" - ?

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Hiv from doing oral sex
Hiv from doing oral sex
Hiv from doing oral sex
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Tozshura 30.04.2018
People do this all the time, even old people
Nataxe 06.05.2018
Take a step back and a deep breath. Look inward at what you tend to say about Muslims and Islam. Is there any chance that that could be interpreted as 'hate speech'?
Gor 12.05.2018
I was explaining. Never mind.
Kirn 23.05.2018
Winning more indictments for their administration than any other president in history...
Shazil 25.05.2018
If Christians spent more time LIVING their faith and less time preaching it, we would have a different world. Thank you for sharing, Johan. ???????
Brakree 03.06.2018
Only if the listener has corn in their ears.
Meztigar 04.06.2018
Nance is trash...
Grocage 10.06.2018
And that's religion which cannot be in synch with archaeology. Science is accurate pretty much. Other wise it doesn't work. Give me the exact date of any Biblical event? Oh!, Go ahead and guess, since that is usually how its done.
JoJoktilar 13.06.2018
Science does not determine if things are real or imaginary. Science builds models that work. One of the things we are getting very good at doing is building models of brains, allowing us to investigate the imaginary in its native habitat. Another is in our ability to perform statistical calculations over prior probabilities to conclude whether things are likely. Neither of these or anything else support god thingies as being anything but imaginary and both provide a great deal of support to the idea that they are imaginary.
Tukree 14.06.2018
The law was that only men could marry women and vice verse.

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